Working On: March 17, 2014

I traveled to the Bay Area earlier this month for Fast Company for a very fun piece about the top-secret Google [x] lab. Stay tuned...



Working On: February 19, 2014

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work on a project for Narratively with the talented journalist and photographer Pearl Gabel. She invited me to edit her personal piece about living in her neighborhood and the experience of hearing the azaan, the call to prayer, every day from the corner mosque. It was lovely working with Pearl and putting together this story with her audio and photographs. It finally published yesterday, and you can see the full multimedia package here


Working On: February 6, 2014

My first edit for Fast Company went live this week! My colleagues had filmed an interview/jam session with Reggie Watts earlier in the year, and it was a fun challenge to put together a piece that was both cohesive and celebratory of his deliberately nonsensical appeal. I don't know if I totally succeeded, but he's delightful and his tunes are catchy as hell!



Writing On It All  

Last summer I partook in a wonderful public art program on Governors Island called Writing on it All. The project was conceived by Alexandra Chasin, and the project manager is my super talented friend Jen Bleier. They brought incredible poets, writers and artists into an empty house on the island and created opportunities for participants of all kinds to write on the walls. Because of the ephemeral nature of the work (the walls of the house had to be painted over and returned to their original condition), I helped film the project to help capture its spirit. We finally finished the edit over the holidays. 

Writing on it All: A Documentary from writingonitall on Vimeo.



New Year, New Job

I'm happy to announce that I just started a new position at Fast Company as a video producer. I just had my first day yesterday, and was greeted with an incredible view of a winter Manhattan sunset from the office window. I'm taking it as a sign that I made the right decision. I'll start posting my work here as soon as I get my feet under me at the new gig!