My Life Audit 

When my colleague Rachel Gillett invited me to participate in a "Life Audit" as one of her Habit Challenges at Fast Company, I said sure. I'm down with the self-evaluation. Then she asked if I might film it. I said sure. Turns out it wasn't as easy to do as I thought. Here's her write-up of the challenge, and below is my video. 


Working On: The World's Busiest Santa Claus

A few weeks ago I went with videographer Danny Dwyer to film an entire day with the world's busiest Santa Claus. Turns out he's a delightful and indeed very busy human. Here's our piece, edited by Frank Zadlo. And if you love it there's a lovely profile to go along with it that includes my photographs, written by Elizabeth Segran. 

Working On: October 2, 2014

The team at FastCo Studios has been working hard all summer in anticipation of our September launch. We launched four new series, spruced up some existing ones, made a new landing page and are generally getting tons of new video out into the world. And soon we'll be creating even more. To see some of what we've been up to, check out our new page here

And here's one from the very fun series I've been working on, Brand Evolution. Enjoy! 


Working On: July 2, 2014

Many changes are happening at Fast Company lately, including the creation of Fast Company Studios! We just posted a ridiculous little series on drones that I shot and edited. Turns out they're quite durable against the elements in some cases (we flew one successfully through a car wash!) and quite vulnerable to others, as you can see below.

Also forgot to share another video from the March Google X shoot that I quite like, about Project Loon. Our great intern Anne Lagamayo took over the edit of this one. 


Working On: April 17, 2014

Fast Company's big Google[x] feature posted! Here's the video I worked on with a talented crew from BFD Productions